Midsummer Bustle

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Gluten Free

Planning a summer birthday or a get-together with friends?  Barbecue season is definitely on! Some of our versions of delectable tender meats featured this month are the sizzling lamb, mandarin steak and honey barbecued fillet of pork. We also feature our Rotisserie platter which comes with the fillet of pork. If you and your party are meat lovers, we can design … Read More

Soft-Shell Crab

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Many countries around the world create this dish in their own unique way. Our deep fried soft-shell crab on the menu may be a bit of a surprise to some, but it is very popular in Asian cuisine. Soft-shell crab has different varieties of course, depending on the place and the kind of crab that is local to the region. … Read More

Chicken in Wine

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This is our version of a Coq-au-vin, prepared with essentially Chinese herbs and wine. What makes it distinctive to the Chinese version of the dish is the wine – fermented rice wine known as Saoxing wine. It is sweet, almost like a sherry which gives a mild marinade to the chicken. Unlike its French counterpart, this dish uses more spice than … Read More

The lightness of greens

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A big part of our cuisine uses the colour green. The leafy logo that is part of our identity denotes our partiality to green leafy vegetables in all our meal combinations. It has and remains an important component of the diet. The lightness of greens, in addition to its aesthetic appeal, is beneficial to counterbalance other foods. Our favourite and … Read More

Culinary Insights

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Stylist magazine

It was about two years after opening the restaurant that magazine publications, bloggers and other culinary connoisseurs began to take notice of what Naturally Chinese had to offer. We had a great review in Stylist magazine back in 2015 that featured in the top  UK bars and restaurants for  healthy eating. It was a fulfilling task to bring Naturally Chinese … Read More