Chinese Scallops and Broccoli

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Chinese Scallops and Broccoli, Naturally Chinese Restaurant

We’ve voted Scallops to be our number one favourite seafood dish for Summer. Diced garlic, ginger and a dash of rice wine enhance the flavours of those tempting bay scallops. The succulent juices are what give this dish its character. In the photo you see here, we’ve presented a mix of scallops and shrimp, decked with spring onions, broccoli florets, carrot … Read More

Ready For Summer

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Naturally Chinese Restaurant, Surbiton

Lazy afternoons in the park, shopping frenzies and summer school activities -all of which wouldn’t be complete without stopping to enjoy a delicious meal. So here’s what we have in store for the coming months of Summer: During the weekdays, enjoy the delights of some of the best dim sum in town – Dainty bite sized morcels with gluten free … Read More

Father’s Day

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It’s a week till Father’s Day. Yes, it’s that time of year again where our dads get to take center stage. Fifty years ago, Father’s Day might have been overlooked by many, but today it becomes more important. It has been reassuring to see these days that fathers are putting more effort into parenting, and not just leaving it as … Read More

Emerald Greens

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The foods from our youth always stay with us. I remember these beautiful greens that were available in abundance when I was a child. Morning glory and Kai Lan – these emerald greens that make up a bulk of my diet till date. Each of the Chinese vegetables have its own unique character. They become more pronounced when they are cooked, releasing … Read More